Alaska marks a new start.

Operation Heal Our Patriots
Operation Heal Our Patriots - 013960
Operation Heal Our Patriots
Operation Heal Our Patriots - 013960

Alaska marks a new start.

Each Sunday evening throughout the summer, Samaritan's Purse aircraft touch down on the gravel runway at Samaritan Lodge Alaska to the sights and sounds of a flag-waving crowd. In one way, it marks the end of a journey for weary military couples, but it's the beginning of something, too.

Many people across the country are praying for these wounded veterans and their spouses—that God will use the week in Alaska through Operation Heal Our Patriots to bring them both rest and a new start with God and each other.

Warrior Couples Find Healing in Alaska

Couples come to Alaska looking for a way to fix what’s broken­­—broken relationships and marriages on the brink. Often they feel far from God.

But as they step away from daily life and distractions, many couples find hope awakening again as they go through six days of chaplain-led, Biblically based marriage enrichment training. Coursework and spiritual counseling are integral parts of their week, as are once-in-a-lifetime wilderness experiences in Lake Clark National Park and surrounding areas. They also connect with other couples who've faced a lot of the same struggles. Maybe this is the first time they've not felt absolutely alone.

"Each year we get to see God work powerfully in the lives of these couples as they become a part of the Operation Heal Our Patriots family, God has been faithful to restore and transform many lives and marriages devastated by the wounds of war. I'm grateful that our connection to these men and women doesn't end in Alaska. Our commitment to them is for life."

-Franklin Graham, Samaritan’s Purse President

Lives Transformed

Operation Heal Our Patriots began more than 10 years ago in response to the epidemic of broken marriages among military families. The only real hope to change grim statistics is through the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Since 2012, God has been faithful to transform lives and rescue marriages at this wilderness outpost. We have welcomed 1,546 couples since then to Samaritan Lodge Alaska and we praise God that 672 participants have received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, 799 have been baptized by our chaplains in Lake Clark, and 760 couples have recommitted their marriages to God.

One Couple's Story

Many Answered Prayers

Army veteran Sean Karpf and his wife Brandy came to Alaska in 2022 hoping to save their marriage. After deployments, a serious combat injury in Afghanistan, amputation, and years of subsequent struggle, their relationship was suffering.

Sean continued to fight post-traumatic stress, which manifested in both withdrawal and angry outbursts toward Brandy and the children. “Dealing with PTSD, I denied having it for a long time,” Sean said. “Meanwhile I was getting angrier and angrier.” In addition, he faced the physical and emotional challenges of dealing with limb loss and a new prosthetic. He had an affair and their marriage was left in shambles.

Brandy prayed, asking for God’s help, and the next day saw a friend’s social media post about Operation Heal Our Patriots. They applied and were selected.

At Samaritan Lodge Alaska, the Karpfs got to focus on God, their marriage, and a small group of other military couples facing similar circumstances.


"It helped me reconnect with Brandy, no distractions and so much one-on-one time,” Sean said. They enjoyed hiking, fishing, and wildlife viewing together. Most important, though, they were beginning to understand that the Gospel of Jesus Christ could transform them and their marriage.

“Something tugged at my heart. God told me this is what you need to do,” Sean said. “I knew the only way our relationship could be repaired was to live through Christ."

Sean was saved that week and then baptized by our chaplains in Lake Clark. Brandy recommitted herself to God. Together they rededicated their marriage to God in Alaska.

“Coming to Operation Heal Our Patriots has given us a new lease on marriage,” Brandy said.

We praise God that so many military couples have experienced the healing power of Jesus Christ through the project over the last 10 years.

But Alaska is only the beginning.

For many couples, Alaska is a mountaintop experience in many ways. Going back home is hard. The problems are still there. But so is Operation Heal Our Patriots.

"The real work of ongoing discipleship begins when they're back home and dealing with life again," said John Pryor, a former Marine who now serves as director of Operation Heal Our Patriots.

Focus on Family Care

Operation Heal Our Patriots Family Care is the year-round, lifetime component of the program. When Franklin Graham tells military couples in Alaska "you're family now," this is what he means.

First, regional chaplains help connect Alaska alumni with local Christian congregations that are faithful to God’s Word. They also maintain regular contact with couples through phone calls, emails, texts, social media, web meetings, and in-person counseling sessions. Sometimes, chaplains will even make special trips to be present during major life events.

There are also various gatherings that provide new chances for veterans and their spouses to hear and respond to the Gospel—including Fortify Your Marriage weekends and chaplain-led regional events. In addition, we offer our annual Operation Heal Our Patriots Reunion.

Team Patriot Serves

The Family Care ministry also offers opportunities to serve through Team Patriot, a program in which veterans and spouses can serve U.S. homeowners who have been affected by natural disasters.

"Team Patriot provides a sense of purpose and community, but more importantly, it gets them involved in serving through the church," said Edward Graham, a retired Army Ranger and vice president of Operations at Samaritan's Purse. Edward is the youngest son of Samaritan's Purse President Franklin Graham.

"Imagine how it will impact a homeowner who's lost everything to see a wounded service member out in their yard helping them get back on their feet. We want these wounded men and women to remember that they are heroes and that God wants to use them."

Ben and Heidi Hebert Ben and Heidi Hebert
Ben and Heidi Hebert

Key Leader Couple Story

"He brought us through the wilderness. And part of it was so we could walk with others through their own wilderness. We’re here now, we came out on the other side, and we can tell others about what He's done."

-Navy Senior Chief Petty Officer Ben Hebert

Read the Hebert's story here

Key Leaders Mentor

Finally, the ministry extends beyond the outreach of our chaplains and other staff members. It is also built upon connection and mutual support from other military couples in the program—more men and women who have their back and understand their struggles.

Through our Key Leader initiative, a group of military couples—all Operation Heal Our Patriots alumni—are pursuing their calling to teach and strengthen other couples in their marriages and in their walk with Christ. Key Leaders go through a year-long, chaplain-led training and mentorship process while also continuing to serve military couples in their communities.

Apply For Operation
Heal Our Patriots

Married U.S. military personnel, current and former, wounded in combat or combat-related activities since 9/11 are encouraged to fill out an Operation Heal Our Patriots application online at Applications for the summer season are accepted starting 1 Feb. each year.

All travel to and from Samaritan Lodge Alaska is planned, provided, and paid for by Samaritan's Purse.